R&D Strategy

R&D Strategy

CR Micro will stress on the importance of technological innovations in the development of the enterprise. According to 12th Five-Year Plan for Development of Tech of CR Micro formulated by the Company, the content of technological innovations will focus on the development of green energy-saving semiconductor products and processing engineering as we as the enforcement of research & development, and the Company has gradually transformed from a manufacturing foundry dominated company to a company of product designs and services, through the synchronous endogenous and denotative development, and mainly focusing on the following aspects to carry out the work:

(I) Continuously Improve Scientific and Innovative Environment for Enterprise

Continuously create and improve the harmony of the scientific and innovative environment, enhance qualifications of all scientists and engineers, and strengthen the team construction of innovation talents.

Further explore channels of talents to set policies vary with job positions to establish a career developing mechanism of passing on experiences, helping and guiding based upon the development of the Company; acquire technical information and capture opportunities of communication, collaboration and study, through participating in technical alliances at the core of institutions and colleges, and technical seminars of the industry, etc.

Further complete the innovation incentive mechanism, encourage the staff to achieve technical innovations, build up innovation culture of the enterprise, and promote innovative and scientific achievements transformation ; improve and implement project incentive and system through prize and punishment in accordance to actual situations; carry out two-channel mechanism for technicians to motivate them; and bring KPI-dominated performance management culture to a new level.

(II) Increase Investment in R&D, and Enhance Capability of R&D, to Make Technical Breakthrough in Major Fields

Centering on the development requirements of national strategic emerging industries, and determining technical orientation and market orientation in accordance with its strategies, the Company will further increase the investments in R&D, push on external collaboration and strengthen industry-university-research institute collaboration with research institutions, to achieve more technical breakthroughs in the fields including products and process engineering of high voltage intelligent energy-saving semiconductors, process engineering of MEMS products, process engineering of IGBT chips, package technologies of thinner and smaller QFN, special package technologies of MEMS, package technologies of IGBT module, product designs of audio-video integrated circuits, etc.

(III) Carry out Strategy of Product Combing to Improve Achievements Transformation

Carry out the strategy of product sorting and combine product values of the customers to gradually eliminate outmoded production capacities and technologies, optimize resource deployment, and speed promotion of scientific achievements transformation. Focus on green energy-saving semiconductor products and expand production and manufacturing scales to further enhance the production capability for integrated circuits of intellectual power.

(IV) Reinforce Protection of Intellectual Property

Firstly, establish and complete protection system of intellectual properties as well as reinforce protection of intellectual properties, to ensure the protection of each project upon its research & development. Secondly, improve and reinforce the functions of Department of Legal and Intellectual Property, fight infringement acts of intellectual properties and safeguard core interests of the Company through legal means and avoid risks of intellectual properties of the Company through reasonable using.

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