Quality Management

Quality Management

(I)Review System of New Project

The Company has established a strict system of project review, under which detailed market evaluation and technical evaluation must be conducted to every project. Issues of the new products, regarding market prospect, target customers, product position, cost calculation, technical proposals, resources needed, intellectual properties and the like, are all carefully considered to avoid the blindness and risks of the development, and to realize screening and control from the very beginning.

(II)Establish and Improve Enterprise Technical Standards

The Company owns a sound system of enterprise technical standards based on the national standards and international standards and with special management of the organization’s systems and CR Semico has been actively taking part in the National Organization for Standardization since it is a member of IP Standard Organization of and Standard Organization for Infrared Remote Control Coding.

(III)Information Security and Intellectual Property Protection System

The Company has established a sound information management system and an intellectual property management system. Each BU has passed the certification of ISO27001. The Company has established a relatively sound management system of intellectual property which is used throughout each management system and implementing measure and the guidance of intellectual property work within a certain period has also been carried out. Combining already applied patents and those patents which are in the process of application and uniting relevant experts of external organizations for references, the Company has determined the patent application plan within the research & development cycle, the core patents and peripheral patents, and also the defensive patents and offensive patents. The Company has established a patent strategy both of aggressive and offensive to ensure a relatively rigid patent protection network round the main technical field is built up and to set up in the future a patent system, among which high-end patents are with offensive abilities, mid level keeping up with advanced international levels, and low-end steadily defending its achievements.

(IV)Set up Mechanism for Follow-up of R&D Schedule and Management and Control of Risks

Mechanism concerning the progress follow-up of major investment and important research & development has been established to keep track of development progress and investment status, to reinforce scientific evaluation and to make full demonstrations. Meanwhile, mechanism of risk management and control has been set up in the activities of scientific innovation to avoid resource wastes caused by blind investment or pursuit for large and all-inclusive project which makes no sense.

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