The Most Competitive Analog Foundry In China

CSMCFoundry Service

CSMC Technologies Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Resource Microelectronics Limited and is engaged in open foundry business. CSMC enjoys a leading position in the analog foundry industry, with over 15 years of experience servicing customers in China, Asia and North American regions. CSMC is currently the largest 6-inch open foundry in China, with a production capacity exceeding 110,000 6-inch wafers per month. In addition, the 8-inch wafer fab has a production capacity of 40,000 8-inch wafers per month.

CSMC is committed to provide cost-effective IC foundry services, and provide a broad range of standardized and customized technology platforms based on the platforms of 0.13 μm and above, among which the power semiconductor technology platform is unique and most competitive. With constant technological innovation and pursuit of More Than Moore's law, CSMC has the most complete analog technology solutions. Based on 6-inch and 8-inch manufacturing platforms, CSMC provides customers with the complete portfolio of analog technology to best meet customers’ diversified demands.

● High-Quality Foundry Services

● High Value-added Services

● Complete Industry Service Platform

● High Efficiency E-service

● Multi-Project Wafer (MPW)






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