Products and Applications
HUAJING Product and Application

The corporation's main

 business content is 

power semiconductor 


The products mainly 

include bipolar trans

istors, MOS-type field-

effect transistors and 

diodes, which are wi

dely used in electron

ic lighting, green 

power supplies, auto

motive electronics 

and other fields.

● Bipolar transistors






It is divided into three series

,low pressure, atmospheric 

pressure and high pressure

, and it covers more than 15

varieties that can be mainly 

used in electronic energy-sa

ving lamps, electronic ballasts

, electronic transformers, 

computer power supplies, 

chargers, adapters, and TV;


MOS- type field- effect


It includes following three 

series: below 200V series, 

400-500V series and 600V 

series, covering more than 

80 varieties that are widely 

used in electric vehicle char

gers, electric vehicle contro

llers,electronic ballasts,com

puter power supplies, batte

ry chargers , adapters and 


● Diode

Diodes contain the Schottky diodes, fast recovery diodes

and constant current diodes, which are mainly used in computer power supplies, 

chargers, adapters, LED and 











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